We don’t charge a dime for a design until it is approved by the client.

We would charge 50% upfront only when the mock-up is approved by the client and the rest of the 50% is charged after completion of the project and before shifting the site to the client’s server.

However, If a client wants to cancel the project and doesn’t want to move forward with the development after he has approved the home page mock up, We would charge only the home page PSD charges and will refund the rest.

If a client gives a green signal for the homepage development and after completion of the development he approves it and after approval he suddenly changes his mind and ask for a refund, then there will not be any refund of the first half payment.

However, we will be liable to provide all the files for whatever files the client has been charged i.e home page PSD and the coded home page files.

Once all the pages of the website is created and it is finally approved, the client will make us the remaining 50% payment before shifting the site to his server. However, if he made his mind at the last moment and wants to cancel the project, There will be no refund but we would be liable to provide all the files.

In short, Whatever is approved by client will not be refunded for and whatever is not will never be charged for.

This applies to all the products in Graphics and Webdesign.